Past Presidents:
Cassandra Stewart (2017-2018)
Valerie Sonoda (2016-2017)
Valerie Sonoda (2015-2016)
Maria Chun (2014-2015)
Lehua Pate (2013-2014)
Victoria Ong-Mizumoto (2012-2013)
Sue Ann Moriwaki (2011-2012)
Elsa Honma (2010-2011)
Tammy Dumlao (2009-2010)
Traci Jay Kobayashi (2008-2009)
Keith R. Ridley (2007-2008)
Brian A. Higgins (2006-2007)
Jodi M Nakamura (2005-2006)
Dean Tateyama (2004-2005)
Stephen A.J.W. Lung (2003-2004)
Dew-Anne Langcaon (2002-2003)
Terri T. Fujii (2001-2002)
David W. Heywood (2000-2001)
David Y. Okabe (1999-2000)
James G. Lee (1998-1999)
Thad K. Wakasugi (1997-1998)
Rix Maurer III (1996-1997)
Leonard A Licina (1995-1996)
Sheri C. Oishi (1994-1995)
Sandra T. Kimura (1993-1994)
Gregg Y. Oishi (1992-1993)
Kenneth A. Finch (1991-1992)
Walter K.W. Wong (1990-1991)
Alton I. Ohira (1989-1990)
Maxine C. Derige (1988-1989)
Lester M. Fujitake (1987-1988)
Glenn S. Sueyoshi (1986-1987)
Sharon T. Shimono (1985-1986)
Nathan K.H. Mau (1984-1985)
Arnold Matsunobu (1983-1984)
Michael G. Strachan (1982-1983)
Joji Nouchi (1981-1982)
Walter Yonemoto (1980-1981)
Dennis T. Fujimoto (1979-1980)
E. Scott Bowmer (1978-1979)
Alden G. Hatch (1977-1978)
C. Jeff Ferris (1976-1977)
Jack Y. Hirano (1975-1976)
Patricia I. Malala (1974-1975)
Ronald M. Oba (1973-1974)
Ruth Ono (1972-1973)
Richard Okuchi (1971-1972)
William B. Chang (1970-1971)
Elliot Ozu (1969-1970)
Richard Wood (1968-1969)
Michael I. Matsuura (1967-1968)
A Message from the President

Here are a few future events that we have planned that we look forward to seeing you at:
  •        Region 10 & 11 Western Region Symposium -January 2019 in Las Vegas, NV
  •        Women in Leadership Seminar- February 15, 2019 Pacific Club in Honolulu, HI
  •        Hawaii Chapter Networking Event -March 2019 Honolulu, HI
  •        HFMA Hawaii Chapter Annual Conference – April 4-5, 2019 Prince Waikiki Honolulu, HI

I am also working with our current board to ensure that we have a strategic plan for succession planning in order to mentor and grow
our volunteers in order to continue to serve you, our valued members for the years to come. We welcome you to join us and volunteer
your time and talents with us.
When you learn, Teach, when you get, Give.. ~Maya Angelou
I look forward to meeting or catching up with you soon!
Me ke aloha pumehana,

Vanessa Couch-Laguana
President, Hawaii Chapter
Vanessa Couch-Laguana,
President, Hawaii Chapter,
2019 year as your President and I am humbled to be a part of a great team of talented volunteers.

We are continuing to update and improve our chapter website to enhance our communications experience to
our members and look forward to sharing our redesigned site with you in February 2019!

As half of the year has already gone by, I am happy to see how much we have accomplished as a chapter so
far. If you didn’t join us at our legislative update or our Revenue Cycle Seminar or at our fun networking
event at Aiea Bowl, don’t worry we have more exciting things planned for the remainder of the upcoming year.