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President's Message
HFMA offers several certifications opportunities for its members to pursue.  Becoming certified not only distinguishes you as
a leader in the healthcare finance sector, but also reflects a sense of personal commitment to lifelong learning and
professional development.  

Certified Revenue Cycle Representative Program (CRCR):
The CRCR program provides the necessary framework to help set standards of performance and build technical expertise
across the entire revenue cycle.  Becoming certified in the CRCR program allows one to prove a high-level of revenue cycle
knowledge and excellence.

Certified Healthcare Financial Professional (CHFP):
CHFP is designed for mid-level healthcare finance professionals who aspire to the executive level or desire confirmation of
financial management expertise in US healthcare.  A CHFP certification demonstrates one's qualifications to senior
management, colleagues, and the industry.  It also highlights one's commitment to their profession and to maintaining
up-to-date skills and knowledge.

Fellow of the Healthcare Financial Management Association (FHFMA):
Achieving a FHFMA certification recognizes exemplary educational achievement, professional accomplishments and
volunteer leadership and service in the healthcare finance industry.  The FHFMA designation informs one's colleagues and
the industry of their induction into a leading organization of healthcare finance professionals.   Fellowship is open to financial
management executives and other healthcare finance professionals.

Visit the HFMA website for more information:  
HFMA Certification Information

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The Rainbow Connection
Terri T. Fujii, FHFMA, CPA
Rix Maurer III, FHFMA
Lee Johnson, FHFMA
Monique A. Ras, FHFMA, MBA
Thomas G. Cannon, FHFMA
Leonard A. Licina, FHFMA
Thad K. Wakasugi, FHFMA
Thomas J. Risse, FHFMA
Dead Tateyama, FHFMA
Wendi Barber, FHFMA
Neill Schultz, FHFMA
Iris Chang, CRCR