Past Presidents:

Valerie Sonoda (2016-2017)
Valerie Sonoda (2015-2016)
Maria Chun (2014-2015)
Lehua Pate (2013-2014)
Victoria Ong-Mizumoto (2012-2013)
Sue Ann Moriwaki (2011-2012)
Elsa Honma (2010-2011)
Tammy Dumlao (2009-2010)
Traci Jay Kobayashi (2008-2009)
Keith R. Ridley (2007-2008)
Brian A. Higgins (2006-2007)
Jodi M Nakamura (2005-2006)
Dean Tateyama (2004-2005)
Stephen A.J.W. Lung (2003-2004)
Dew-Anne Langcaon (2002-2003)
Terri T. Fujii (2001-2002)
David W. Heywood (2000-2001)
David Y. Okabe (1999-2000)
James G. Lee (1998-1999)
Thad K. Wakasugi (1997-1998)
Rix Maurer III (1996-1997)
Leonard A Licina (1995-1996)
Sheri C. Oishi (1994-1995)
Sandra T. Kimura (1993-1994)
Gregg Y. Oishi (1992-1993)
Kenneth A. Finch (1991-1992)
Walter K.W. Wong (1990-1991)
Alton I. Ohira (1989-1990)
Maxine C. Derige (1988-1989)
Lester M. Fujitake (1987-1988)
Glenn S. Sueyoshi (1986-1987)
Sharon T. Shimono (1985-1986)
Nathan K.H. Mau (1984-1985)
Arnold Matsunobu (1983-1984)
Michael G. Strachan (1982-1983)
Joji Nouchi (1981-1982)
Walter Yonemoto (1980-1981)
Dennis T. Fujimoto (1979-1980)
E. Scott Bowmer (1978-1979)
Alden G. Hatch (1977-1978)
C. Jeff Ferris (1976-1977)
Jack Y. Hirano (1975-1976)
Patricia I. Malala (1974-1975)
Ronald M. Oba (1973-1974)
Ruth Ono (1972-1973)
Richard Okuchi (1971-1972)
William B. Chang (1970-1971)
Elliot Ozu (1969-1970)
Richard Wood (1968-1969)
Michael I. Matsuura (1967-1968)
A Message from the President

What an honor and pleasure to be the HFMA Hawaii Chapter President for the 2017-2018 year!
I invite you to explore our webpage, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook and participate in
person at Networking events, Educational programs, our Revenue Cycle Seminar and Annual
Conference. Join us at an event, become a member and reap the benefits of a local and national
organization dedicated to changing the world of healthcare finance!
Cassandra Stewart President,
Hawaii Chapter, 2017-2018
HFMA Hawaii has a long and rich history. This is the 50th year anniversary of the Chapter.  The volunteers on the list of Past Presidents on this
page have each contributed to the education and growth of so many of us in the healthcare industry in Hawaii. If you see someone you know on
the list that was a Past President, please take time to thank them for their contribution to the Chapter.  

HFMA National website is a valuable resource for all of us. Publications, Learning opportunities, Forums, Career Opportunities and Industry
Initiatives all at  Follow the link from the Hawaii HFMA webpage also.  This year’s 2017-18 HFMA National Chair Theme is
“Where Passion Meets Purpose”.  National Chair, Carol Friesen, states:         

“Each of us have a calling to do our part. Our unique contribution is to lead healthcare finance. As leaders, we are met each day with
the challenge to reimagine and transform what we know into what our patients and families need and deserve.”

As we travel each day across our unique Island state to work or home, let’s keep our passion for helping others in mind and be purposeful in that
pursuit.  I challenge you to join me and your Chapter volunteer leaders to bring passion and purpose to your life.
I look forward to seeing each of you at a HFMA Hawaii Chapter event soon!